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21-02-2015   |   Mohamed     

Commenti (disclaimer)

yuWSqxGsKW | 2015-02-25 @ 20:01:46

The hype that used to surround the old Nike ads was great. When a they used to come on tv, eoreyvne would just shut up. It was super cool use of the stars (see also Airport and the one on the boat that Terry Gilliam did). But over the years, they became very samey and a bit shit (see Ole - the Portugal v Brazil one of a few years ago). It was just overpaid football stars performing nutmegs on each other, and was frankly pretty dry, so the campaign needed to move on.Cut to: The Kobe Briant one is ok, but I have no urge to send it on. For me to want to forward an ad to someone, it needs to be special, and frankly, knowing that there's no way that his insurance company would have let him do that, illustrates the point that it's just a bit of clever camera trickery. Do something better.

mtEPejarB | 2015-02-25 @ 20:04:55

I liked both in different ways.Lo-fi, bored-at-work, no-pressure.and super-event, giant-budget-wankarama.By the way, in the next Kobe Bryant viral he uses his aminazg penis of sexual assault to lasso a passing lady.

lqurbf5KATmb | 2015-02-25 @ 20:05:53

Nice question,Anyway I think that you can grow on the seocnd one, and you can easily forget the Kobe one (really nothing special).Ciao!

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